Dr. Tamara Oesterling

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Dr. Lura “Pepi” Klecka

Born and raised in San Antonio, Dr. Klecka graduated from MacArthur High School and received her Veterinary degree from Texas A&M in 1978. She spent 26 years as a practice owner and for the past several years has been doing relief work. Dr. Klecka has been with Heart of the Hills Veterinary Center for two years seeing clients and patients in partnership with Dr. Oesterling, and leads the practice when Dr. Oesterling is out of town. Dr. Kecka’s practice philosophy, skill, compassion and pleasant demeanor compliments and enhances the quality of medical care provided at our hospital. She has two daughters and two grandsons. Her favorite past times are to spend time with family and travel the world. Dr. Klecka has worked with Dr. Oesterling for three years.


Tank found his way to our clinic in May of 2010 at 6 weeks old. He won his way into our hearts and hasn’t left since!


Xena and her four sisters were left on our doorstep in September of 2009. Her siblings were adopted out to other homes and Xena stayed as a clinic cat. She is a prowler and is frequently seen dashing across the property in quick pursuit of small creatures.

Tinker Belle

Tinker is an Umbrella Cockatoo born in 2003. She came to live at Heart of the Hills Vet Center in February 2012. She has a lot to say and can be very demanding at times. She gets into a lot of trouble which makes for good stories for Dr. Oesterling’s Newspaper Column. A very tame and friendly Parrot who gives “kisses” and is happy to meet anyone, espcially children.