Hello, this is Dr. Oesterling. I purchased an existing practice in 2009, renamed it, and started over. My philosophy has been the foundation for our Veterinary Center.

We are a small practice, less rushed, and only offer medical services. (No boarding or grooming). We take our time with each client. Please be prepared to spend 45 minutes to one hour for your first visit.

We vaccinate pets according to lifestyle and age. Vaccines do protect our pets from disease, but not every pet needs every vaccination.

We are flexible in our approach to treatment and other options available to suit your needs.

Cats are our passion! Yes, we love dogs too, but Dr. O did four years in feline practice and she has carried that ‘mind set” with her. A separate cat room and a “Feliway” scented cloth before your cat’s exam will help keep them calm.

A holistic approach leads to better preventative care. During most visits we review diet, nutrition, exercise, and behavior to address possible issues you may not have been aware of.

Every pet owner will have their questions answered before they leave. Additionally, we call the next day after every procedure to check on your pet. Personalized service is our goal. We hope to see you soon.